Eshop design

Programming and designing an e-shop can be a difficult thing. In the WordPress environment and using the Woocommerce plugin, this is quick and easy.

Whether it is your own production or sales mediation, a simple user shop will help you make a financial profit.

First I will make you a page in WordPress and then I will install the Woocommerce plugin there. Creation of such an e-shop within a few weeks. The user interface is very intuitive and easy to use. I will train you to easily add new products to your sales portfolio.

  • 1x complete eshop
  • 1x user interface training
  • Strategy – describes what, where and when.
  • Tactics – describes the way you plan to implement the strategy. (measurable and tangible)

The strategy clearly eliminates the time spent testing “trial and error” and allows you to devote much more time to activities that get the company far ahead of its competitors. Thanks to it, you will be ready for any changes and you will have defined tactics for your future marketing campaigns. ”

Possibilities of cooperation with me

Our cooperation begins with a short 30-minute consultation, where I will get to know you and your intentions with a new website. Based on the meeting, I will be able to recommend the next adequate step given your budget and other options.


$ 1000
  • 1x complete eshop
  • 1x template
  • Woocommerce administration
  • Training to administration
  • Loading 20pcs of your products

Would you like to work with me?

Arrange a free 30-minute consultation.