Logo design

The logo is part of branding, which affects the awareness of your company. You can get used to every logo eventually. However, we try to create a design that tells a story and surfaces emotions.

Company logo

If you are getting started, you need to come up with a suitable company name and visual that will differentiate you from the competition and get you into the awareness of your target group. Sometimes it is also appropriate for a start-up company to consider a new logo.

The first 30-minute online or offline consultation is free. It includes a space for getting to know each other, an outline of the basic idea and offer, and a proposal for concrete next steps.

I do not offer complete branding and rebranding, as it is a large and expensive package.

  • Company logo
  • Logo manual

It will cost you the whole of 350 EUR. After paying a deposit of EUR 100, I will start work and pay the rest after completing and submitting the new logo.

Possibilities of cooperation with me

Our cooperation begins with a short (30 min) consultation, where I will get to know you and your intentions. Based on the meeting, I will be able to recommend the next adequate step given your budget and other options.

Company logo

$ 500
  • Company logo design
  • 5 drafts, of which one final draft is being finalised
  • 3x possibility of repair according to client's requirements
  • Finalisation of the logo and submission in all necessary formats
  • Logo manual

Would you like to work with me?

Arrange a free 30-minute consultation.